Q: How do pre-orders work at Genkisan? 

A: A pre-order is where a customer places an order for an item that is to be released in the future and we have not in stock yet. In this event, we reserve the customers's order and when the item is released and in stock, we despatch them to the customer.


Q: Why should I pre-order?

A: There are two main reasons why our fans pre-order - 'guarantee' and 'saving'. In many cases a lot of the products featured on Genkisan are of limited volume and sold out prior to their release. This means when the products are released they are already sold out and a lot of our fans find the safest bet is to pre-order to ensure they have their favourite items secured when they come available. 

The other reason many of our fans also find appealing is the savings they are also able to take advantage of when pre-ordering. At Genkisan we negotiate a better pricing with our suppliers when we place orders before the products are released. 

Q: What happen if my product is delayed?

A: Unfortunately every once is a while, manufacturers' scheduling and shipping dates can change and some pre-orders can be delayed, brought forward or cancelled. If the delivery date for an item changes, we will update that item on our website. If we cannot fulfil pre-order on time, we will also get in touch to keep you updated. 

Q: Can I cancel my pre-order?

A: Generally speaking at Genkisan we do accept pre-order cancellation. However, given that we have already committed to purchasing the item, we will refund you the payment but a cancellation fee will be applied. The fee is usually around 10% of the pre-order purchase price but it may vary depending on that specific item and we reserve the right to apply a different percentage for the cancellation fee.