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Sam Lin

Native anime speaker and karma believer. I blog pretty much anything about anime from figures, event and news release. If superheroes can be mainstream, so can anime.

Simon Westwood Anime Avatar

Simon Westwood

Kon'nichiwa, my name is Simon. I've liked anime since I was a kid and my first experience with the style was Avatar the Last Airbender; ever since then I've always hunted down new and interesting things in the medium. Some of my favourite shows and films are, Full Metal Alchemist, Angel Beats, The Devil is a Part Timer, My Hero Academia, Your Name and Perfect Blue. If your reading my articles and blog posts you can expect critique of shows that I personally enjoy, and I may also begin to write about the philosophy behind certain anime since that's my actual field of study. If it ever sounds like I'm being harsh in any of my posts you should definitely check out any of the shows or films I'm writing about regardless because they're all great!