About Genkisan

元氣: Genki: ['ɡeŋki]: the fundamental force that permeates through all matter and life.

君: San: [sən]: third-person singular.

Genkisan our promise

Genkisan is a group of passionate manga readers, anime watchers and action figure collectors. Growing up binge reading manga has been our favourite but not until recently we see how other people around the world can be like us enjoying all the great journeys of Japanese anime. 

We have created Genkisan to bring the world closer and develop communities that can allow anime to be even more celebrated. We have also curated a wide range of collections around anime action figures, accessories, clothing, manga and many more to share our favourite anime obsession.                     


Beyond this we have taken on the mission of creating the most satisfying experience for anime and manga fans and constantly improving on our pricing, selection and after sale process. We love to hear your feedbacks, favourite anime episode or anything you would like to see featured on our site.

Brands We Sell

At Genkisan we choose our suppliers carefully and only work with official product suppliers to best navigate this space and to bring our fans the most genuine products and in turn does the creation its justice. We only source from those who sell legitimately licensed products and the brands that we know have the license to manufacture the products.   


Anime figure brands we sell