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Anime watching used to be a painful and daunting thing. You hope the pages loaded up don't end up downloading virus or telling you that FBI is going to kick down your door any minute and you are going to spend the rest of your years in the prison unless you pay the ransom. You continue on your search and come across sites and apps that promise the world, for free, until you get tired of the amount of ads you have to sit through and the poor quality of the content. 

Things have changed, thanks to various companies who have secured the licenses legitimately and gradually making anime fans' dream come true. Nextflix is one of them. Funny enough as big as Netflix is, anime seems to be a category that has been overlooked by the fans. Having had a closer look Genkisan has noticed some absolute gems that you may have missed! 

1. Attack On Titan 

In recent years Attack on Titan (AoT) has proven to be a hugely successful title with its out there imagination and darker take on the storyline. If you haven't heard of it you are in for a treat. AoT sets in a world where humans live inside walls that protect them from being eaten alive by titans. That's right, titans... Netflix currently has all 2 seasons here and below is its epic trailer:

2. Death Note

Another anime with dark twist to its storyline. If you were into murder mystery solving and detective type of genre Death Note is another gem that you do not want to miss. It tells the story between a genius student in Japan who accidentally discovers a notebook that gives him the power of killing anyone in the world by simply writing down the name and another high IQ detective who hides behind the name, L. The plot is thoroughly enjoyable. 

PS. Netflix has produced a Netflix Original Death Note movie which has a whopping 4.6 on imdb so make sure you go for the anime here instead!

Death Note anime poster
"Death Note" (Public Domain) by netsamadotcom

3. Gantz:O 

Gantz:O is the spin-off movie from the original anime/manga Gantz. The anime and the movie center around a group of individuals who enter in a game that is parallel to the real world being attacked by alien species. Their mission is to accumulate enough points by killing off the aliens so they can return from their death in the real world. Gantz:O has amazing graphics, futuristic ideas and some fantastic actions packed in its 90 mins version of the anime. Genkisan was definitely wowed by how realistic and quality the production has managed to pull off. (Netflix link here)

4. Bleach

Bleach follows a high school student, Ichigo, who obtains the power of Soul Reaper and as a result has taken on the responsibilities to defend the human race against evil spirits. Its story unfolds and takes the fans on a journey with Ichigo. It's fun, it builds great characters and it also has all the elements that anime fans expect to see. Bleach is the perfect title for binge watching and currently Netflix has 3 seasons available here.

5. Hunter x Hunter 

Hunter x Hunter might be one of those titles that its fame stops in Asia due to its licensing and lack of supports. However it is definitely one of the most established and most celebrated manga ever produced. Its early episodes share similar naivety as One Piece but gradually its evolving storyline and character building take the title to the next level. This is also why despite that the creator has infuriates his fans with excuses and prolonged and delayed releases, Hunter x Hunter always managed to take its fans by storm when it does have its new chapters revealed, a 10 out of 10 must-watch anime of all time.

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