Fan of Iron Man? Meet Ultraman! Animation Announced for 2019

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Ultraman 2019 anime announcement poster

source: Ultraman official website: 

Fans of supercharged robots, armours, aliens and anime are in for a treat. If you've never heard of Ultraman, think iron man in the context of Transformers defending earth being invaded by foreign species. Ultraman is the memory of many's childhoods in Japan but less so everywhere else ourside of East Asia.  

The very original Ultraman was created by Eiji Tsuburaya back in the 60s. He was the pioneer in special effect that brought Ultraman to life and satisfied the fans with his battles against alien species. (His super power Ultrabeam pose was Genkisan's favourite)

Ultraman manga was first published back in 2011, years after the original Ultraman. The series has been collected in 10 volumes as of July 2017. Now, following its success,  Production I.G×SOLA DIGITAL ARTS have just announced its production on the newly created animation series on its official website that will be released in 2019. Here is the teaser to the animation announcement: (make sure you have the sound on!)

As part of the promotion, you can also enjoy reading the first episode of the manga for free following the trial link on its official page. 

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