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Do you find anime figure scales and sizes confusing? They are sometimes measured in inches, centimetres and sometimes simply in scale (ie. 1:12 scale). They also come in different shapes and sizes and different manufacturers seem to have slightly different scale if you pay close attention to the all the Goku figures you have in your collection. 

Scale is often used to represent the size of the anime figures in proportion to their supposed real-size form. Simply put, the scale is used to measure how many times the toy company shrink your anime hero from his/hers original human size when they make the figure. A 1:10 scale Portgas D. Ace figure (or sometimes written as 1/10) means that he is now shrunk to one tenth of its original size. So a 1:10 scale figure of the 180 cm tall Ace should be 18 cm tall. 

Clear as mud? Genkisan has prepared below scale guide to the most common anime figure sizes that you will come across, starting from the largest to the smallest. (the cm is based on a standard 180 cm tall character)

1:6 Scale (~30 cm)

1:6 scale figures are probably the largest among the common figure sizes you will come across as far as anime figures are concerned. Their sheer size with box is as impressive as anime figure can get. Because of this they tend to be more expensive and only available on the main characters. 

1:8 Scale (~22 cm)

When it comes to anime figures you will often find 1:8 scale being some collectors' most favourite. For example one of the famous anime figure manufacturers MegaHouse has its popular Portrait.Of.Pirates (P.O.P) line set in this scale which best balances between the figure's intricate details and its size. 

However one thing to bear in mind is that at this scale you will find that figures tend to be in statue form without articulation. For some fans not being able to pose their favourite figures could really bother them, but for others this would be perfectly fine. 

1:10 Scale (~18 cm)

Another really popular series by MegaHouse is the Variable Action Heroes series that captures the articulation without compromising too much on the figure size. With articulation and normally packed with a number of changeable accessories and gestures, this particular scale holds a special position in the heart of many fans. 

1:12 Scale (~15 cm)

This scale is probably the most common size among anime figures. Two of the most popular anime figure brands - S.H.Figuarts (with articulation) and Figuarts ZERO (without articulation) - are of this scale. They normally stand to about 15 cm tall (5" - 6") depending on their pose and original size of the character. The most popular anime/manga all have their own series featured in 1:12 scale such as One Piece, Dragon Ball Z and Naruto. 1:12 scale is also popular due to its relatively cheaper price comparing to other larger ones.

1:18 Scale (~10 cm)

1:18 scale is a slightly less popular size among anime figures. This size tends to have slightly average quality, but some may find their much lower price appealing. But...and it's a massive but here... Bandai's rivalry - Good Smile Company (another large toy figure manufacturer) - occupies this particular scale with its hugely successful Nendoroid series they released back in 2006. Technically, Nendoroid figures are a deformed version of the original anime characters given its oversized head, but their cute appearance and wide coverage of the major manga/anime titles (as well as games and others) have amassed a huge following. Beyond this you can also find the popular Funko!'s pop figure at this scale as well.

Above isn't an exhaustive list of all the sizes that are available as more and more studios are coming out with some amazing looking and much bigger statue/figure going up to 1:4, 1:2 and 1:1 scale, but they aren't as common and often with a hefty price tag.

Besides, scale isn't necessarily the best way for anime fans when it comes to collecting. A 1:12 scale figure of Boruto (12 cm tall figure) is fair amount shorter than the same 1:12 scale adult Naruto (16 cm tall). Why? Because in the anime/manga, Naruto is an adult and much taller than his son Boruto (duh!). In the end of the day knowing exactly how big your anime figure will make sure they fit perfectly well on your shelf. At Genkisan, we have a wide range of action figures from large to small for your shelf! 

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